Couch - TYPE B (Color Changeable) with Table & Rug

Couch - TYPE B (Color Changeable)
- Channel 15 / 8 + 1 - seater
- Prims: 11
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Click Position to Sit
1. Bottom-left
2. Bottom-center
3. Bottom-right
4. Backrest-left
5. Backrest-center
6. Backrest-right
7. Armrest-left
8. Armrest-right
9. Wooden Base (Holding armrests)

Low Table - TYPE D (Color Changeable)
- Channel 15 / 1-seater
- Prims: 8
- Permissions: mod / trans / NO copy

This is modfiable. It means you can also change color directly from the edit window.

Rug - TYPE A (Texture Change)
- 12 textures available
- Prims: 1
- Permissions: mod / trans / NO copy

Click the rug to open a dialog menu. ( OWNER ONLY )

::: Can't open the dialog menu? :::
It must be because of a shadow prim of "Low Table". Right click the rug and choose "Touch" from pie menu or scoot "Low Table".

How to Change Color
To change the color of the furniture you must use channel 15. To change the colors from the list below you must say:

/15 color + "name of the color"

/15 color red

To help you pick what colors , use the color chart provided.
Color Chart is Here.

You will notice the following changes about LIST OF COLORS that the above link represents.
- 5 browninsh colors added for Couch - TYPE B.
( default1 / default2 / default3 / default4 / default5)
- Color [white] on "Low Table - TYPE D" is changed to [black].
( well... I mean even if you type "/15 color white" to change color of "Low Table" , in fact, it will be colored black, not white.)

When you have the colors you'd like write down the RGB Values or HTML Color Codes and instead of saying "/15 color red" you can use your tint color by saying...

RGB Values:
/15 color <180,5,30>

HTML Color Codes:
/15 color #FF0000