Urban Skybox ver.3.0.

Showroom available at the inworld store.
:::OBF::: Urban Skybox - ver.3.0.
  • Only 4 Land Impact.
  • 25 Views of Big Cities and Natural Scenes.
  • 12 Types of Interior Walls. / 2 Types of Exterior Walls.
  • 11 Graffiti for a Back Wall.
  • 7 Types of Floors with Shadow.
Footprint: about 20m x 20m.
Land Impact: 4 (+1 Teleporter Door as a bonus)
Permissions: mod / copy / NO trans

Until you set up a teleporter, enter the skybox in this way.
  1. Rez (Create) a box prim and sit on it. 
  2. Move the prim which you are sitting on into the skybox.
  3. Create a landmark in the skybox for the second.

*Limit Distance: About 1000m.
  1. Place the teleporter on a point of DESTINATION.
  2. Reset the script "Teleporter - 1000m" in a door. (*See "How to reset script" below.)
  3. You will receive a message like this: "Destination = <99.99992, 117.76472, 401.17917>".
  4. (I'd recommend you) rename a teleporter door object, for example "To skybox", to prevent from mistaking for a default door.
  5. Take the teleporter and place on a point of DEPARTURE.
*How to reset script.
  1. Right-click on the door and choose "Edit..." from menu.
  2. Double-click on "Teleporter - 1000m" in Content tab to open.
  3. Click on [Reset] button in script editor window. (Script itself is not modifiable, though, [ Reset ] button available. )
Absolutely, this teleporter is an added bonus. Please note that I hold no responsibilities even though it becomes out of order. Thank you.

Click a ceiling (NOT ROOF) of the skybox to open dialog menu.
  • TOP PAGE: 25+1 Views. (New York / San Francisco / Los Angels / Tokyo / Shanghai / Hong Kong / Dubai / Mountain Lake /  In Forest / Ayers Rock / 
  • Monument Valley / Machu Picchu / Kiyomizu Temple / Galaxy / Earth / Transparent.)
  • [GRAFFITI]: 11 types for a back wall. (Headshot / Panda / Hood Guy / Pulp Fiction / Star Wars / TV Men / Skull / Creature / Anime Girl / Black Guy / Colorful)
  • [FLOOR]: 7 types of floor texture with shadow. (Noon / Evening / Haze).
  • [INT. WALL]: 12 types of interior wall. (Brick / Plaster / Grunge / Panels / Concrete / Baroque / White Painted).
  • [EXT. WALL]: 2 types of exterior wall. (Light / Dark).

Right-click on the door and choose "Touch" from context menu. 12 textures available.

This kit includes textured boxes: all walls and floor whitout shadows. You can use them for renovation, like partitioning a room and making a loft.

Please do not link them with the skybox. Texture changer will not work correctly.