Old Wood Living Room Set - ver.2.0

Old Wood Living Room Set - ver.2.0
- Contents: 2 sofas + Tall Lamp + Table + Retro TV (and a Texture for Screen) + TV Rack
- Prims: 24 (5+5+2+7+2+3)
- Permissions: trans / no copy / no mod

Old Wooden Sofa S - TYPE A
has 2-seater.

- Click Position to Sit -
1. Seat ( has 2 Poses)
2. Armrest

- How to Change Pose -
You can change pose with Page Up or Down key on your keyboard.
When someone (except the owner of the sofa) sit on, it will send a message like this " Use PageUp or Down key to change pose. ".

Old Wooden Sofa L - TYPE B
has 4 seater.

- Click Position to Sit -
1. Seat
2. Armrest (whichever side)
3. Backrest
4. Wooden bottom under a seat

Old Wood Table
has 1 Seater.

Wooden Tall Lamp
Click a shade and open dialog menu.You can choose illumination color from 8 colors and turn off a light.

Retro TV
You can use the "Retro TV" as a land media display.

- How to Set a Land Media for "Retro TV" -
1. Open "About Land" window. (World > About Land...)
2. Drag "tv screen" texture from inventory and drop into "Replace Texture:" window on Media tab.
3. Click "Retro TV" to start (stop) a media content which you choose.