Cuddle Cardboard Box - Freebie

:::OBF::: Cuddle Cardboard Box
- ver.2.01.
  • Purely Freebie!
  • 3x3 Animations for Single / 6 Sets for Couple.
  • Swap Feature: No need to reseat yourself if you sit in the wrong position.
  • 1Prims Laptop will be automatically rezzed when you choose "CheckBlog" sets.
Prims: 2
Permissions: copy / NO mod / NO trans

Click a box to open menu.
  • 2-seater.
  • [Single Sits]: 3x3 animations.
  • [Couple M / F]: 6 sets of couple animation.*1
  • [SWAP]: Swap a seat without reseating yourself.
  • [ADJUST]: Up to the last 400 user's personal adjustments (position / rotation) will be stored until the memory is full.*2
*1. Couple pose / animation will synchronize.
*2. at which point the oldest 10 are removed to make room for new ones. (the owner's adjustments take memory storage priority).

LEFT-CLICKHOLD on a box to open menu. (OWNER ONLY).
  • [Access]: Toggle sitter access mode (Owner / Group*3 / Public).
  • [Expressions]: Toggle facial expressions (On / Off).
  • [Reload MPS]: Reset pose system scripts.
  • [Save Prop / Reset Prop]: Reposition and record props by using the Second Life build tool
*3. While in group mode, the group allowed is determined by the one set for the object.

To set an object to the group:
  1. Right-click the object and select "Edit".
  2. Under the "General tab", click the Edit [Wrench] button.
  3. Select a group. The object is set to this group.
And a sitter needs to activate the appropriate group to sit.

To activate the group tag:
  1. Select "Communicate" > "My Groups" from the menu at the top of the Viewer.
  2. Right-click on the name of the group you wish to make active.
  3. Click "Activate".
  4. The group name changes to bold to indicate that it is active.