Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt Prize: Teacup Bathtub

This hunt has already ended on a high note. Thank you for coming to OBF.
Fortunately I have received many inquiries about selling this teacup before now. So I decided to sell in my store. ver.1.8 is available for sale now.

There isn't much difference between ver.1.0 (1.5) and 1.8.
Gesture file for pose menu shortcut key is built in texture change menu.

I have a good news to share today.
"off-brand furniture" participates in Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt from March 27th to April 19th in 2009 (SLT). You will need to find the easter egg hidden inside each store and get a nice surprise in each. I'm sure that it won't be a tough hunt at least at my store because my store is difinitely small.

For more information, please refer to The Bunny Hop: Second Life Easter Grid Wide Hunt Blog or FAQ notecard in Second Life. You can get it by clicking poster on wall at my store.

Now let me show you a prize for this hunt.
I hope you will like this.

:::OBF::: Teacup Bathtub (Texture Change) - ver.1.8

- For Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt Prize
- 3-seater / 4 (+4) Textures / 11 Different Poses For Couples & Singles.
- Prims: 3
- Permissions: copy / NO mod / NO trans

"Teacup Bathtub" is made up of three parts: CUP WITH PLATE part has poses for Couples-Men, HANDLE for Couples-Women and SHADOW for Singles. Select a sitting part as your usage.

Couple Use:
Male: Sit on CUP part. (Sit means right-click on cup part and choose "Sit" from menu.)
Female: Sit on HANDLE part.
*Poses in these parts are synchronized.

Single Use:
Sit on SHADOW part under plate.
*No synchronized, work independently

Teacup Bathtub will send message, like "[ SITTING GUIDE ] You are on CUP part for Couple-Male. Handle for Couple-Female. SHADOW UNDER PLATE for Singles.", for newcomers when they sit down. (in ver.1.8)

Say /1m while you (your friends) are sittting and dialog menu will open.
11 poses in total are available.

And you can also open menu using a gesture file more easily . For more information, please see "GET GESTURE FILE" below.

While sitting, You (and your friends) can use the /1a command to easily customize your position and rotation. The custom position of the 50 most regular sitters (if they have adjusted it) will be remembered.

Click a cup to open dialog menu. 4 + 4 textures available.
( Coffee, Milk, Matcha Milk, Sakura Milk and These 4 drinks in white cup. )
*Sakura means Cherry Blossom (Japanese Cherry)
*Matcha means Green Powder Tea

Click on Teacup and Choose "GetShortcut" from dialog menu.
This will enable you to open menu for pose change only by hitting "F7" key, instead of saying "/1m" command. Select "GetShortcut" from menu to get a gesture file in notecard.

Click a shadow prim. It will start / stop IN A WHILE with clicky sound.

Enjoy : )

Love Sofa - Type O (Texture Change)

:::OBF::: Love Sofa - Type O (Texture Change) - ver.2.0.
  • Only 2 Prims / 2-seater.
  • 49(+4) Different Types of Animation: 11 Sets for Single / 14 Sets for Couple.
  • Swap Feature: No need to reseat yourself if you sit in the wrong position.
  • Prop Feature: Auto-rez (/derez) 1Prim Laptop and Book / Auto-give Alienbacks Coffee.
  • 14 Different Types of Texture. / Free Tinting with Color Picker HUD.
Prims: 2
Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Click a sofa to open menu.
  • 2-seater.
  • [Single]: 11 sets of single animation.*1
  • [Couple M / F]: 14 sets of couple animation.*1
  • [SWAP]: Swap a seat without reseating yourself.
  • [ADJUST]: Up to the last 400 user's personal adjustments (position / rotation) will be stored until the memory is full.*2
*1. Single and Couple animation will synchronize each.
*2. at which point the oldest 10 are removed to make room for new ones. (the owner's adjustments take memory storage priority).

WITHOUT SITTING, RIGHT CLICK on a sofa and CHOOSE "MENU" from context menu.
  • [Texture]: 14 textures.
  • [Shadow]: Show / Hide shadow.

Attach ":::OBF::: Color Picker HUD" (default on Top-left) and click color palette. You can freely pick up color, like on Second Life edit tool.

LEFT-CLICKHOLD on a sofa to open menu. (OWNER ONLY).
  • [Access]: Toggle sitter access mode (Owner / Group*3 / Public).
  • [Expressions]: Toggle facial expressions (On / Off).
  • [Reload MPS]: Reset pose system scripts.
  • [Save Prop / Reset Prop]*4: Reposition and record props by using the Second Life build tool.
*3. While in group mode, the group allowed is determined by the one set for the object. *4. This options will appear while props are rezzed.
To set an object to the group:
  1. Right-click the object and select "Edit".
  2. Under the "General tab", click the Edit [Wrench] button.
  3. Select a group. The object is set to this group.
And a sitter needs to activate the appropriate group to sit.
To activate the group tag:
  1. Select "Communicate" > "My Groups" from the menu at the top of the Viewer.
  2. Right-click on the name of the group you wish to make active.
  3. Click "Activate".
  4. The group name changes to bold to indicate that it is active.