[PRIZE] Friendly Elephant (Color Change)

Now available in Lucky Letter Board at the inworld store.

:::OBF::: Friendly Elephant (Color Change) - ver.1.0.
  • 5-seater.
  • 5 Types of Pose: (Handler / Passenger 1-2 / Coordinator / Caretaker).
  • 3 Colors: (Sunrise / Midday / Sunset).
  • Elephant Roar Sound When Clicked.
Prims: 11
Permissions: copy / NO mod / NO trans

Click an elephant to open menu.
  • 5-seater.
  • 5 types of pose: (Handler / Passenger 1-2 / Coodinator / Caretaker).

While sitting, You (anybody) can use the "/1a" (without quotes) command to easily customize your position and rotation.
The custom position of the 50 most regular sitters (if they have adjusted it) will be remembered.

WITHOUT SITTING, RIGHT CLICK on an elephant and CHOOSE "TOUCH" from context menu. Dialog menu will open.
  • [Color]: 3 colors: (Sunrise / Midday / Sunset).
  • [Shadow]: Show / Hide a shadow prim.