Modern Chair - TYPE B (Color Change)

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Pick Reward.

::OBF::: Modern Chair - TYPE B (Color Change)
- 4 Poses.
- Prims: 2.
- Permissions: copy / NO mod / NO trans.

Click a chair to open dialog menu. 4 Poses available.

Q. No poses available in [AO] option. What's this for?
A. To play the poses in your AO (like ZHAO). If you don't have AO, Second Life default sitting pose will play.

While sitting, You (and your friends) can use the "/1a" (without quotes) command to easily customize your position and rotation. The custom position of the 100 most regular sitters (if they have adjusted it) will be remembered.

Owner Only.

WHEN A CHAIR IS EMPTY, right-click and choose "Touch" from menu to open dialog menu.
NOTE: Colors will be affected by base texture of each parts.

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