Love Sofa - TYPE O Command Version Available

The following issues are resolved in new version.
Love Sofa - Type O (Texture Change) - ver.2.0.

Unfortunately texture change menu in Love Sofa does not work for some of customers. Then I released a command version. What is a command version? Simply put, texture menu will be opened by single clicking, and pose menu by chat command.

SITTING GUIDE - /1m (in Command Version.)
Love Sofa is made up of two parts: Sofa and Shadow. Sofa has poses for Couples-Men and Singles. Shadow for Couples-Women.

If you are Couple-Male or Single, sit on the SOFA and say "/1m" (without quotes) to open dialog menu.
If you are Couple-Female, sit on a SHADOW prim under the sofa and say "/1m" (without quotes) to open dialog menu.

Where is the shadow part?

And also, you can open menu by hitting shortcut key with gesture file. (This gesture file is enclosed.)

HOW TO CHANGE TEXTURE (in Command Version.)
Click on the sofa to open dialog menu.
5 textures available. (Leather, Tanned Skin, Asian Resort, Crocodile Lt and Crocodile Dk )

This command version now available at my store.