Urban Skybox ver.3.0.

Showroom available at the inworld store.
:::OBF::: Urban Skybox - ver.3.0.
  • Only 4 Land Impact.
  • 25 Views of Big Cities and Natural Scenes.
  • 12 Types of Interior Walls. / 2 Types of Exterior Walls.
  • 11 Graffiti for a Back Wall.
  • 7 Types of Floors with Shadow.
Footprint: about 20m x 20m.
Land Impact: 4 (+1 Teleporter Door as a bonus)
Permissions: mod / copy / NO trans

Until you set up a teleporter, enter the skybox in this way.
  1. Rez (Create) a box prim and sit on it. 
  2. Move the prim which you are sitting on into the skybox.
  3. Create a landmark in the skybox for the second.

*Limit Distance: About 1000m.
  1. Place the teleporter on a point of DESTINATION.
  2. Reset the script "Teleporter - 1000m" in a door. (*See "How to reset script" below.)
  3. You will receive a message like this: "Destination = <99.99992, 117.76472, 401.17917>".
  4. (I'd recommend you) rename a teleporter door object, for example "To skybox", to prevent from mistaking for a default door.
  5. Take the teleporter and place on a point of DEPARTURE.
*How to reset script.
  1. Right-click on the door and choose "Edit..." from menu.
  2. Double-click on "Teleporter - 1000m" in Content tab to open.
  3. Click on [Reset] button in script editor window. (Script itself is not modifiable, though, [ Reset ] button available. )
Absolutely, this teleporter is an added bonus. Please note that I hold no responsibilities even though it becomes out of order. Thank you.

Click a ceiling (NOT ROOF) of the skybox to open dialog menu.
  • TOP PAGE: 25+1 Views. (New York / San Francisco / Los Angels / Tokyo / Shanghai / Hong Kong / Dubai / Mountain Lake /  In Forest / Ayers Rock / 
  • Monument Valley / Machu Picchu / Kiyomizu Temple / Galaxy / Earth / Transparent.)
  • [GRAFFITI]: 11 types for a back wall. (Headshot / Panda / Hood Guy / Pulp Fiction / Star Wars / TV Men / Skull / Creature / Anime Girl / Black Guy / Colorful)
  • [FLOOR]: 7 types of floor texture with shadow. (Noon / Evening / Haze).
  • [INT. WALL]: 12 types of interior wall. (Brick / Plaster / Grunge / Panels / Concrete / Baroque / White Painted).
  • [EXT. WALL]: 2 types of exterior wall. (Light / Dark).

Right-click on the door and choose "Touch" from context menu. 12 textures available.

This kit includes textured boxes: all walls and floor whitout shadows. You can use them for renovation, like partitioning a room and making a loft.

Please do not link them with the skybox. Texture changer will not work correctly.

[PRIZE] Reading Stump (GroundTex Change)

Now available in Lucky Letter Board at the inworld store.

:::OBF::: Reading Stump (GroundTex Change) - ver.2.0.
  • 18 Different Types of Animation: 2 sets (M/F) for reading / 7 sets for couple. 
  • Swap Feature: No need to reseat yourself if you sit in the wrong position.
  • Auto-rez (/derez) 1Prim Book / Auto-give a cup of Coffee. 
  • 9 Different Types of Ground Texture.
Prims: 5
Permissions: copy / NO mod / NO trans

Added Couple Animation in ver.2.0.

Click a stump to open menu.
  • 2-seater.
  • [SWAP]: Swap a seat without reseating yourself.
  • [ADJUST]: Up to the last 400 user's personal adjustments (position / rotation) will be stored until the memory is full.*1
*1. at which point the oldest 10 are removed to make room for new ones. (the owner's adjustments take memory storage priority).

WITHOUT SITTING, RIGHT CLICK on a stump and CHOOSE "MENU" from context menu. 9 different types of ground texture are available.
(none / Grass 1 / Grass 2 / Grass Dry / Maple / Leaves / Snow / Dirt 1 / Dirt 2 / Sand)

LEFT-CLICKHOLD on a sofa to open menu. (OWNER ONLY).
  • [Access]: Toggle sitter access mode (Owner / Group*2 / Public).
  • [Expressions]: Toggle facial expressions (On / Off).
  • [Reload MPS]: Reset pose system scripts.
  • [Save Prop / Reset Prop]*3: Reposition and record props by using the Second Life build tool.
*2. While in group mode, the group allowed is determined by the one set for the object.
*3. This options will appear while props are rezzed.

To set an object to the group:
  1. Right-click the object and select "Edit".
  2. Under the "General tab", click the Edit [Wrench] button.
  3. Select a group. The object is set to this group.
And a sitter needs to activate the appropriate group to sit.

To activate the group tag:
  1. Select "Communicate" > "My Groups" from the menu at the top of the Viewer.
  2. Right-click on the name of the group you wish to make active.
  3. Click "Activate".
  4. The group name changes to bold to indicate that it is active. 

Punk Hobo's Nest

Punk Hobo's Nest
- Prims: 48 Total.
- Contents:
  • Punk Hobo Sofa - TYPE L
  • Punk Hobo Sofa - TYPE M
  • Punk Hobo Sofa - TYPE N-1
  • Punk Hobo Seat Separated
  • Punk Hobo Mattress
  • Atomic Fuel Barrel
  • Retro TV for YouTube (with TV Stand - Cargo)
  • tv screen ( Texture )
  • Manhole Cover Table
  • Hobo Rug - TYPE A

Punk Hobo Sofa - TYPE L

- 2-seater / 4 Poses
- Prims: 7
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Click Position to Sit
1. Bottom ( has 3 Poses )
2. Armrest-right

How to Change Pose
You can change pose using "PageUp" or "Down" key on your keyboard.
When someone (except the owner of the sofa) sit on, it will send a message like this " Use PageUp or Down key to change pose. ".

Punk Hobo Sofa - TYPE M

- 5-seater / 6 Poses
- Prims: 9
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Click Position to Sit
1. Bottom-right ( has 2 Poses )
2. Bottom-left
3. Backrest-right
4. Backrest-left
5. Armrest-left

Punk Hobo Sofa - TYPE N-1

- 6 + 1-seater
- Prims: 10 + 2
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Click Position to Sit
1. Bottom-left
2. Bottom-center
3. Bottom-separated
4. Base ( under seats )
5. Backrest-center
6. Backrest-right
7. Armrest-left

Punk Hobo Seat Separated

- 1-seater
- Prims: 2
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Atomic Fuel Barrel - ARMY

- 1-seater / with Ignition, Extinction and Burning sound effects.
- Prims: 5
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

- Click the barrel to set fire / put out fire with sounds.
- Right Click the barrel and choose "Bathe!" from a pie menu to take a bath in the barrel.

If the timing between Sounds and Fire Flame were messed up.
Sometimes it might be messed up by high speed clicking. Reset scripts in the barrel.

1. Put out fire by click the barrel.
2. Say:

/99 reset

You will receive a message "Reset Complete".
( The command "/99 reset " is effective only if you the owner of the barrel.)

Punk Hobo Mattress

- 4-seater
- Prims: 6
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

Click Position to Sit
1. Mattress
2. Book
3. Pillow-Skull
4. Pillow-Scorpion

Retro TV for YouTube with TV Stand - Crate

- Prims: 2 + 2
- Permissions: NO trans / mod / NO copy
- Contents:
- Retro TV for YouTube
- tv screen ( Texture )
- TV Stand - Crate

You can use the "Retro TV" as a land media display.
- How to Set a Land Media for "Retro TV"
1. Open "About Land" window. (World > About Land...)
2. Drag "tv screen" texture from inventory and drop into "Replace Texture:" window on Media tab.
3. Click "Retro TV" to start (stop) a media content which you choose.

- How to set videos carried by YouTube
1. To open YouTube site, Right Click the Retro TV ( not screen ) and Choose "Touch" from pie menu.
2. Search a video which you like.
3. Copy the URL of a media stream on YouTube.
4. In World (Second Life), Say:

/99 URL (of a media stream on YouTube)

/99 http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=gowmZtkrV4Y
(This URL is about "PARCEL MEDIA: Play web pages, movies, & more" by Torley Linden. It will help you know about setting land media.)

Absolutely, this feature "YouTube Player" is an added bonus. Please note that I hold no responsibilities even though it becomes out of order. Thank you.

Manhole Cover Table

- Prims: 4
- Permissions: trans / NO mod / NO copy

- You can dace on the table with ethnic loop sound. Right click the table and choose " Dance! " from a pie menu.

Hobo Rug - TYPE A
- Prims: 1
- Permissions: trans / mod / NO copy