[BOGOF]Buy One, Get One Free on Love Sofa - Type O

BOGOF Sale is Over. Thanks for your support!

Love Sofa - Type O sells over 10.000 copies (10.127 at this time) only on SL Marketplace. In celebration of this big sales, OBF is now having Buy One Get One Free Sale.
  • Buy Love Sofa - Type O via SL Marketplace: It already has 1 plus 1 (2 copies). Jump to the page on SL Marketplace.(Sale is over.)
  • No 50% discount for purchasing one copy.

[TINY UPDATE] Living Room Set - Type B / C : Reduced the Land Impact with Convex Hull

Living Room Set - Type B - ver.4.01
:Total Land Impact Reduced from 55 to 51.
  • Side Table - Type A suede: reduced from 4 to 2. 
  • Low Table - Type B suede: reduced from 4 to 2.

Living Room Set - Type C - ver.2.01
:Total Land Impact Reduced from 44 to 40.
  • Tall Speaker L / R: reduced from 5 to 3 each.

If You Already Have These Items.
Set [Physics Shape Type:] of the item to "Convex Hull".

[UPDATE]Urban Skybox v3: Reduced the Land Impact to ONLY 4 / Added More Texture...

Urban Skybox - ver.3.0.
What's Updated.
ver.3.0 / January 4, 2014.
  • Reduced the Land Impact from 13 to ONLY 4.
  • Added More View: Total 25 types of big cities and natural scenes.
  • Added More Graffiti for a Back Wall: Total 11 types.
  • Added More Interior / Exterior Wall: Total 12 / 2 types.
  • Added 2 More Floor Texture: Total 7 types.
ver.1.9 / April 2, 2010.
  • 2 Wall Textures Added: Brick02 and Brick03.
  • 2 Types of Shadow on Floor Texture Added: Noon and Evening.
  • Script Improved: Low Lag, No Errors.

Get Your Update If You Already Purchased.
Contact me "Haruka Ackland" via IM or e-mail.

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