[UPDATE]Couch - TYPE A: Menu Driven Pose / Color Change and More...

Couch - TYPE A (Color Change) - ver.2.15

Now available at inworld store and on Xstreet SL.

What's Updated?
  • Menu Driven Pose Change: No need to reseat yourself. Click couch to open menu.
  • Sitting Position Adjustment Feature: Easily customize your position and rotation.
  • Tint System Changed: No need to say chat command. Click for menu while standing.
  • Pillow Textures Added: Total 12 textures available.
  • Book Texture Change: 7 textures available.

Get Your Update If You Already Purchased.
Please send couch to "Haruka Ackland" WITH IM. I shall send newer version back to you a.s.a.p.