Beach Chair - TYPE A smooth (Color Changeable)

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Reclining Beach Chair Set

Beach Chair - TYPE A smooth (Color Changeable)
- Channel 11 / 4 sitting poses
- Prims: 8
- Pemissions: trans / no mod / no copy

How to Change Color
To change the color of Beach Chair - TYPE A smooth you must use channel 11. To change the colors from the list below you must type:

/11 color + "name of the color"

FOR EXAMPLE: /11 color salmon

Color Chart is HERE.
140 Colors available.

How to Change Pose
"Beach Chair - TYPE A" has 4 sitting poses. You can change pose using PageUp or Down key on your keyboard.
When someone (except the owner of the chair) sit on, it will send a message like this " Use PageUp or Down key to change pose. ".