[UPDATE]Living Room Set - Type B: Couple Set Added / More Single Pose...

Living Room Set - TYPE B (Color Change) - ver.4.0

What's Updated?
March 7, 2012
  • Couple Set Added: 19 different sets.
  • More Single Pose: 39 different poses total.
  • Menu Driven: Change pose, adjust sitting position with menu.
  • Texture "Smooth" for Sofa Added.
August 3, 2010
  • Leather Sofa Retextured: Default cream leather. And more 6 new colors by texture editing come.
  • 12 Textures for Pillows Added: Menu controlled.
  • Tint System Changed: No need to say chat command, just simply click. 7 colors available with dialog menu. (Cream, Mocha, Black, White, Red, Green and Blue)
  • Modify Permission Granted: For free tinting with edit tools.
  • Some Poses Modified: For smooth switching.
  • Ashtray Retextured: And wearable cigarette remodeled with new smoking animation.
  • Magazines and Book Replaced: With single prim sculpted one.
  • Cube Lamp: Reduced 2 to 1 Prim.
  • Total Prim Count: Reduced 59 to 55 Prims total.

Get Your Update If You Already Purchased.
Please send your living room set to "Haruka Ackland" WITH IM. I shall send newer version back to you a.s.a.p.

Check this post for more information.