[UPDATE] Love Sofa - Type O: Replaced & Added Animation / Swap & Prop Feature...

Love Sofa - Type O (Texture Change) - ver.2.0.
What's Updated.
February 9, 2013.
  • Replaced and Added Animation: 49(+4) different types of animation (11 sets for Single / 14 Sets for Couple.)
  • Swap Feature: No need to reseat yourself if you sit in the wrong position. (Click anywhere to open pose menu.)
  • Prop Feature: Auto-rez (/derez) 1Prim Laptop and Book / Auto-give Alienbacks Coffee.
  • 9 More Color Variations (14 textures total.)
  • Free Tinting with Color Picker HUD.
  • Restricted Owner Menu: to reset pose system, turn off facial expressions and set access mode (Owner / Group / Public).

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