Old Wood Living Room Set

New virsion 2.0 is available now. Please refer to the new post.

Old Wood Living Room Set
- Contents: Single Sofa + Long Sofa + Tall Lamp + Table
- Prims: 19 (5+5+2+7)
- Permissions: trans / no copy / no mod

*For your reference, this set is sold loose at my main store. However, when you compare the price, obviously, this set is a better deal than loose stuff.

Old Wooden Single Sofa has 2 poses.
You can change pose with Page Up or Down key on your keyboard.

Old Wooden Long Sofa has 3 + 1 seater.
Click Position to sit is...


Armrest (Whichever side)


Bottom (not a seat)
It might be hard to click a lil bit. :(

Wooden Tall Lamp
Click a shade to open dialog menu.
You can choose from 8 illumination colors and turn off a light.

Old Wood Table has 1 seater.