Sculpted Couch - TYPE A (Color Changeable)

New virsion 2.0 is available now. Please refer to the new post.

Sculpted Couch - TYPE A (Color Changeable) with Book

- Channel 2 / 2 Seater 3 Poses

- Prims: 11 + 4 (Book)

- Permissions: no copy / no mod / trans

How to Change Color

To change the color of Sculpted Couch - TYPE A you must use channel 2. To change the colors from the list below you must type:

/2 color + "name of the color"

FOR EXAMPLE: /2 color salmon

Color Chart is HERE.

140 Colors available.

This Couch - TYPE A has 2 seater, 3 Poses.

Click position to sit is...




Book about 便所飯 (benjo-meshi).

benjo-meshi is to eat luch in a bathroom (toilet). Only 2-page spread!